Rules and Regs

Important Notes

All Deer or Elk taken out of state must have the antlers removed and all brain material removed. The complete spine also has to be removed. You will be citied if this is not done. Fish and Game also requires a proclamation be filled out and mailed in whenever you enter the state with any fish or game. A copy can be found on CDF&G website. Make sure all tags are properly filled out and attached properly.

Do NOT pick up any song bird or bird of prey. They are illegal to posses or to have mounted.

There are hunting seasons on most every animal that can be legally be hunted. Please know the regulations before you go hunting.  Some species require tags some don’t.  The opportunity to harvest another species while hunting can happen at any time.  An example would be turkey hunting and you have a chance to take a fox or bobcat. Both have seasons and as of 2012 bobcats require a tag, so be prepared.

50% percent deposit required before work will start on mount. Upon completion of work customer will be notified of work completion. Balance is due when mount is picked up.  After 90 days of notification of mount completion the mount will become property of Pacific Crest Taxidermy. This is something that we really don’t want to do. Please plan ahead to prevent this from happening.

All tanning is done at owner’s risk.

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About Us

Southern California Taxidermy, Turkeys, Big Game, Riverside County

This picture is of Master Taxidermist Charlie Dugo. I met him when I was in grade school in the 1950s. He was my good friend David’s father. I spent many hours at his shop as a young boy studying his work with amazement. He always had time for my questions and treated me with respect even though I was a young boy. I knew then this was something I wanted to learn to do some day. I have practiced doing taxidermy as a hobby since 1964 when I did my first mount. Then in 2005 I decided to get serious about taxidermy and sought training from some of the top Master Taxidermists in the industry. It is my goal to continue to seek out individuals and learn from them there methods to create life like mounts. I have been hunting and fishing my entire life, commercial fished and been a certified Scuba Diver since 1971. Thank You Charlie for inspiring a young boy that has lasted a lifetime. I hope my passion for taxidermy never grows old.

I am a member of:

California Deer Association

Ducks Unlimited

California Waterfowl Association

California Wild Sheep Foundation

California Bowmen Association

National Rifle Association

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

California Association of Taxidermists

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